The Lyme disease experience of Engelien

The Lyme disease experience of Engelien

There you are, it is the end of October 2012, exhausted on the couch with sypmtoms of paralysis, dizziness, pain in my joints, poor vision and the list goes on…

I called in sick at work. I had undergone a medical procedure at the hospital the week before and beleived it was merely an after-effect of the anaesthetic. But my symptoms became so bad that one week later I could hardly do anything at all. I was in panic. My physician could do nothing for me and my blood work showed nothing unusual. Perhaps it had all been too much these past years and I just needed to take easier now. I decided to have my eyes tested for glasses. Who knows, maybe improved sight would help alleviate that strange sensation in my head. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I felt as though I was on a perpetually-rocking boat and needed to grap hold anything I could find. You then begin to do some research on Internet and you come up with the idea of taking magnesium. The saleswoman at the drugist recommended an orthomolecular physician who had helped her previously. At the first consultation it was immediately suspected that Lyme disease may be the culprit. The first test in the Netherlands turned out negative, however, but the second attempt in Germany confirmed without a doubt that I had the disease. I had, after all, been bitten by a tick on the the heath six months ago. I had gone to hospital because of the bruised spot that remained where the tick had taken hold. There, the physician told me it was a clear ring and the bruising must have come from pulling the tick off too roughly. I was given antibiotics and a half year later became seriously ill. Despite the fact that the orthomolecular physician had helped me earlier, my symptoms remained and I was forced to call in sick at work for a second time.

And then something amazing happened. A friend had given me “de Telegraaf” newspaper of Saturday 11 April 2015 with an article about Tessa entitled “Troubles because of tick”. It happened to be Lyme disease week and there was national coverage of the disease. Tessa wrote, “It was a long hard road but I can finally enjoy my life again.” I immediately thought that I had to call straight away! Her experiences were so similar to mine. And so I arrived at the Lyme disease self-help group. Combined with the vast professionality and experience that Erik Noteboom had, they formed a great team. What it comes down to is that you are going to repair the damage to your organs by self-healing. You do this with the aid of the Bionic 880 combined with the LTN-4 system and a BTN-2 unblocking device developed by Erik. In a safe, pleasant environment you start having discussions with Erik and Tessa to slowly gain insight into the disease and what it does to you and why this is happening to you of all people.

At the end of April 2015, I had my first treatment. I was a little sceptical at first and now hear from Tessa and Erik how my attitude has changed. In other words: you don’t even realise how you come across to people when you are frustrated by this disease that afflicts you. My only thought was
that I had to see it through and that there was no way back and nothing anyone else could do for me. And that’s the way it is even today. It is September 2016. The first year and a half I treated myself with bio-resonation and photons on a bi-weekly basis. And with positive results. My symptoms have subsided considerably and I have noticed that if I take good care of myself, I can achieve even better results. I advise everyone to read up on bio-resonation and photons and to seek the advice of Erik and Tessa. It really works!