We want to share everything that we have learnt during recent years, with you. We succeeded in feeling better, and based on this immense passion we coach people who suffer from Lyme disease. We provide individual coaching based on our own hands-on expertise. We do this by sharing our experiences, amongst other things, by providing tips regarding environmental factors and by supporting patients in their individual development. We organise lectures and informative meetings where ex-Lyme patients tell their stories. We also provide coaching for self-help Lyme treatments.

As a Lymepatient (Borrelia and co-infections) you are forced to deal with it entirely on your own. Factors such as, a lack of understanding from your (immediate) environment, incorrect diagnosis (diagnosed as a psychic condition) and dismissal from work because you are no longer capable of functioning properly, do play a major role here. Patients often retreat to themselves and start getting an increased sense of loneliness and abandonment. They get the feeling that nothing or no one can help them anymore and this causes a deep sense of awareness and the realization that only you can still save yourself.  So, you come in the Lyme support/selfhelp group where you can sit together in the same room with multiple people. Everyone in the group with the same background and problems,  decided to go together with others, giving them tips and information, to rent the equipment from the support group to treat themselves therewith. In this group you tel your stories, you will be heard and seen and you can hear and see others on their way to their self-recovery. Thereby supporting each other exchanging tips and information. Sociability and humor are hereby creed whereby exciting and inspiring conversations interspersed with peace and quietnes.


People need to come to relaxation, aided by the de-blocking devices. It is beautiful to see how people are interested in each other, recognize and acknowledge each other’s situation and help each other through difficult times where you previously did not find any response. One is by visit a number of hours on the group present and rents in this present time the equipment for the self-treatment. The big advantage of doing it all yourself is that you have learned something when your self-healing is a fact.

Below we provide an explanation of the equipment used in the self-help treatments:
– BTN-2 de-blocking device
– LTN-4 and the LTN-4 PRO
– Bionic 880

BTN-2 de-blocking device
Many people think they have no stress but experiences has shown that it does, especially Lymepatients. The BTN-2 devices hamonises stress.

Over time illnesses and health-related complaints have become increasingly commonplace.BTN-2 de-blocking device The illnesses often vary greatly in type. The symptoms are mostly complex and difficult to diagnose. Usually symptoms recur over time, having receded briefly or for a longer period of time. 75% to 90% of people who visit a GP in the western world suffer from a stress related illness. People are often unaware that stress and high adrenaline levels underlie countless physical and psychological symptoms.

Diverse factors mean people remain in a continuous state of stress. Due to social circumstances people cannot get out of this state, meaning stress levels build up even further. Nowadays, people cannot envisage living stress-free; people do not even know anymore how it feels to live stress-free. Various types of stress and emotional upset result in high adrenaline levels. Stress in the biggest factor behind physical imbalance.

What is stress? Stress is a reaction to the outside world: when a person feels threatened or encounters something that could be dangerous, a primitive part of the brain, called the limbic system, is stimulated. This in turn activates the fight or flight response. A great deal of adrenaline and cortisone is released, enabling the person to deal with the emergency situation. People undergo three types of stress. Firstly, for example, due to a car accident or a fall. The second type are chemical stress factors such as pesticides, environmental pollution, poison, hormonal imbalance, traumas and allergies. The third type is emotional or psychological factors such as traffic jams, racing against the clock or a second mortgage. All stress ultimately equates to psychological stress. If for example a person is injured they cannot work, which in turn yields financial problems, which results in stress.

Adrenaline levels
Raised adrenaline ensures alertness and heightened energy levels. This is actually intended to help in the short-term in a fight or flight response to an emergency situation. After the response this drops again to normal levels. However in our present-day society this re-stabilisation is exceedingly hard given the constant external stress factors. If this stress/adrenaline response continues for too long the adrenal gland and nerves that produce hormones can become depleted: this is known as a burn-out. When people live under constant stress/adrenaline symptoms become hard to discern as increased stress/adrenaline levels block the regeneration/reparation process within the body.

Bionic 880 in combination with the LTN-4 and LTN-4 PRO

Lyme disease is a complex disorder, it has many different symptoms and often erratic. The clinical picture varies per person. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia, which exists in several variants. In addition, the co-infections play an important role._NID6800_vrijstaand

The LTN-4 and LTN-4 PRO Lyme system has been developed in order to bring in the vibrational energy of Borrelia and co-infections within the light of the Bionic 880 along the body / cell. The advantage of the LTN-4 and LTN 4-PRO is that the vibration energy always remains at the same level, and is more powerful than with ampoules, which acquire in the course of time contamination and lose their energy. The result of the therapy depends on the Borrelia species that you carry with you and if that it is built into the system. The LTN-4 and LTN-4 PRO Lyme system are 55 different species of Borrelia built and as many co-infections. This number will increase because there are constantly measuring and testing new varieties.