Lyme (Borrelia) Self-help Organisation

Lyme Selfhelp Organisation (worldwide) offers the Lymepatients a platform of peers which understand and suffer along from the same problems which the affliction causes.

As a Lymepatient (Borrelia and co-infections) you are forced to deal with it entirely on your own. Factors such as; a lack of understanding from your (immediate) environment, incorrect diagnosis (diagnosed as a psychic condition) and dismissal from work because you are no longer capable of functioning properly, do play a major role here. Patients often retreat to themselves and start getting an increased sense of loneliness and abandonment. They get the feeling that nothing or no one can help them anymore and this causes a deep sense of awareness and the realization that only you can still save yourself.

Lyme Selfhelp Organisation has been established by ex-Lyme patients with as objective to have fellow sufferers be there for one another and to provide help and information. Lectures and informative meetings are organized and held by ex-Lyme patients (fellow sufferers) which have experience, as well as achieved results, with self-help. Within Lyme Selfhelp Organisation you will meet people which have experienced a similar situation or which are still experiencing such a situation. They understand your problems and because of their awareness they will never judge. This group will help and support you in your mission to self-help and will provide guidance in respect to self-help treatments through the use of equipment which has proven itself through experience.

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