Carina Westra

For some time now, I have been treating myself at Erik Noteboom with the LTN – 4 and LTN – 4 PRO in combination with the Bionic 880, and first with the stress blocking device BTN – 2. I am genuinely grateful that I met this man because I believe that I am now receiving the treatment I need to restore my health.

The stress blocking device BTN – 2 is not the only thing that contributes to this goal. For many years, a range of circumstances have meant I have been troubled by stress but I never imagined that this condition could be such a barrier to good health. I knew I had become blocked by it but couldn’t find anyone to rid me of this problem and the cramping. Massage did not help or only helped a little and osteopathy or craniosacral therapy only relieved the symptoms slightly. I even used nutritional supplements and did yoga; I tried everything but it was all in vain. When I am treated with the stress blocking device BTN – 2, I feel calm descend over me and my muscles also relax so that they no longer constrict and make my body tense all day long.

I also use photon therapy Bionic 880 in combination with the LTN – 4 and LTN – 4 PRO in order to treat Lyme’s Disease, which has made me very ill for many years. I was treated using bioresonance for a whole year by another therapist in 2008- 2009; at that point I considered myself to be fit because I felt better however, the borrelia bacteria had not been entirely eliminated. As a result of my situation, I had to stop the treatment and also suffered from a great deal of stress in the years that followed. I am now back to square one and feel extremely poorly. The notion that stress can prevent the body from being healthy is so TRUE! I have seen this with my own body and Erik Noteboom has a very good point! You have to be pretty intelligent in order to conclude that a stress blocking device BTN – 2 has to be developed if you genuinely want to help people. I now hope that bioresonance, after de-stressing, can penetrate my cells and that I can ultimately get back to being healthy.

The Bionic 880 photon therapy in combination with the LTN – 4 and LTN – 4 PRO is another story: it FEEDS me! This is perhaps a crazy thing to say but I always suspected that I was undernourished, even though I eat a very healthy diet. And I had a terrible craving for light.
I had treated myself with a light lamp but this did not resolve the problem of undernourishment or the need for light. Since starting treatment with photon therapy Bionic 880 in combination with the LTN – 4 and the LTN – 4 PRO I finally feel nourished, and my immune system has been restored. This is vital as stress makes the immune system vulnerable. That certainly explains why I couldn’t cope with renewed attacks by the borrelia bacteria and have become ill again over the past few years. After treatment with the photon therapy device Bionic 880, in combination with the LTN – 4 and LTN – 4 PRO, I also feel more cheerful and hopeful, emotions that show things are going much better. I still have a long way to go and still need many more treatments because I have only just begun but I have confidence in the system! What I also find astonishing is that Erik has developed a type of Trojan Horse for our irritating Lyme bacteria. Which loves to eat vitamin B2.

I’ve now had vitamin B2 from Erik, via the Noteboom LTN – 4 and LTN – 4 PRO, at a frequency that the Lyme cannot cope with. So when the little monster eats the B2, he’ll come to a very sticky end… and explode! Where do you come up with these ideas!? I think it’s great!
I’d love everyone with Lyme’s disease to undergo treatment with this method because it would help lots of people! If I had the money, I’d buy a device for myself and treat everyone who was open to the idea, because I know from my own experience how sick you can feel with a Lyme infection, so ill that you don’t feel like living anymore, and you wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Carina Westra