Kristal P.

The Lyme experience of Krist’l P:

5 years ago, September 2011, I was completely worn out and I had to stop working- what followed was a long quest filled with misunderstanding, frustration, desperation, hope, falling down and getting up again, loss of income, status, certainty and a resistence from those around me and doctors.  
I was an energetic, dynamic, proud mama who had turned into a miserable mess with no energy spark at all and according to everyone else, it was all “between my ears”.

After my breakdown in 2011, I realised that I had been fighting against common maladies and exhaustion since 2003 but I had always ascribed this to stress at work, the pressure of raising two young boys at home, the flu….. And an energetic , dynamic mama keeps right on going until the very last breath….; -(

The first diagnosis in 2011 was a burn-out, I went into therapy and took a mindfullness course, this was all very interesting but I didn’t get any better, instead, I got sicker and sicker.

When I was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), I was more lost than ever before. In Belgium, CFS is not officially recognised and I was sent from pillar to post.

Over the next two years, I tried therapy, magnesium infusions and visited all kinds of internists and speicialists at various university hospitals.  They only confirmed the diagnosis of CFS and immediately added that there was very little they could for me.

All the while, my condition worsened.

During my third year of employment disability, I found an ortho mononuclear physician and over the next 10 months, I took boatloads of vitamin supplements and paid strict attention to my diet. But unfortunately, it did not improve my health one bit.

Then one day, a relative asked if I had ever been tested for Lyme disease. Incredible but true, it had not occurred to any of the specialists I had visited during those past years to test me for this.

I then had my blood tested at the Infecto Lab in Germany and it revealed that I had Lyme disease: great joy all-around because now, finally, I knew what wrong with me and I could begin the with the proper treatment. The euphoria quickly passed as I gained more information about the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.

Belgium simply denies that chronic Lyme disease even exists!

I was right back where I started.

Dr De Meirleer handles Lyme patients with months-long antibiotic cures but considering that my body had already undergone so much, I was not prepared to start this treatment, yet.

It was not until I found another doctor who proposed a natural antibiotic cure – Argon or rather, colloidal silver.

For 11 months I took these natural antibiotics, my health improved after these months and it was expected that I would recover by 50% but this did not happen. I had also developed parasites, fungus infections and Candiasis as a result of the treatment.

Then I heard from a Dutch girlfriend of mine that her friend Tessa had suffered a similar maladiction and ultimately recovered through self-healing and a colloboration with Erik Noteboom. I had some doubts about the self-help treatment which was unknown in Belgium and to me, and also because it meant that I would have travel from Antwerp to Amsterdam every week but I followed the advice from this reliable source of information and ventured the journey to the Lyme Disease (Borrelia) Self-help group in the Netherlands.

Now, 30 weeks later, I have made incredible progress. I now rarely need to lie down in bed in the afternoon (as was my daily routine these past years). I can do things that I hadn’t dared dreamed of doing ever agian, because I have my life and quality of life back and I am enjoying it to the fullest and am no longer dragging myself through the days.

Those 30 weeks were not easy, the self-healing process does not happen in one steady increase, it is a fitful struggle that demands patience. I am so happy that I perserveered with this treatment and I am so grateful to Tessa and Erik for all their efforts to help Lyme disease patients with this self-help treatment. I am thankful to them they have made the LTN 4 system and the Bionic 880 available for the self-help treatment of Lyme disease patients.

Krist’l P.