Experience experts

The Lyme disease takes over your entire life. Day in and day out you are confronted with the consequences which entail the disease as well as with everything you are no longer capable of doing. The situation seems hopeless. On the outside there is, more than likely, nothing noticeable, you probably look just fine which will result in people not understanding or getting that something is truly wrong with you. Only few people will believe you and understand what you are going through. You are no longer capable of doing (almost) anything, those few things which you are still managing are achieved through pure willpower and after exerting such efforts which will take days to recover from. Your world is becoming smaller, anonymous and quieter. No one can help you and slowly but surely you start understanding that you are going to have to do it yourself. You are entirely on your own and you are the only one that can make a difference.

At the Lyme Selfhelp Organisation we know as no other what it means not to be heard. We realize this and we suffer along with you. We know what it means to always feel sick, always having pain and no matter what you try you just don’t get better. As experience experts we understand that your life has been taken over by the Lyme disease and we know how lonely this battle and struggle can be.

Our lives have been dominated by Lyme. Now, after our own healing process, we live a normal life without pain and discomfort. While we were sick we tried everything and we had nothing to lose…and then we became aware of the fact that we were going to have to do it ourselves. We realized that different factors affect Lyme and it is through this realization that we were able to start our own self-healing process. By taking on factors such as nutrition and radiation, through continued development at various different levels and with the help of photon treatments we managed to reach the stage we are at now.