Lyme experience of Erik Noteboom

Experience and healing

As a child I was always tired and I had several complaints. I had problems with my muscles, headache, abdominal pain and I felt generally ‘sick’. This started when I was eight years old so I didn’t know better, I thought it was ‘normal’. I never heard my friends about it, didn’t hear them complain, so I said nothing and went through the pain. If I would say something and I would express my sickness, it seemed as if I was weak and struggling with things, at least those where my thoughts at that time, so I told nobody anything.

Years and years I went on like this, although I didn’t feel right. All I did was pure on willpower and perseverance. I lived life as good as possible and eventually I had eighteen years an agriculture company where I worked hard. Until I came to a point I had to stop, I felt so bad that I could not continue. I realized that it wasn’t normal what I felt, and that other people in my area did not have this. I understood that I didn’t have to feel so sick and went on a search to investigate what was wrong with me.

All those years I had a deep suspicion that it was Lyme disease and afterwards that proved to be true. From my current experience and by the symptoms I had, I can trace back that it was Lyme disease. In the 60s, 70s and 80s you didn’t gave good Lyme tests and there was still little knowledge. You never heard doctors about it and actually it ‘existed’ not yet. Only in the 80s there was a little more known about Lyme and sporadic something was publicized about Lyme.

During my own ‘Lyme quest’ I came into contact with the producer of the Bionic 880. Together we looked at what the Bionic 880 could do for me. I treated myself with the Bionic 880 with resonance and so we wanted to try whether we could work the Lyme out with me. This treatment combination gave a great result: the symptoms disappeared, and for the first time in my life I felt really good. I had energy again and no more pain. From that day till today I’m symptom-free. I saved myself with these devices and I wanted to do something with it to help other people.

Over time I optimized the treatment system itself. I believed there were more possibilities, and that better results could be achieved. The method of treatment I started to perfect and strengthen. I found out that I could optimize the photon system by linking it to a resonance system. In the early stage, it was indicated that you had to stick the Borrelia nozoden on the solar plexus and then had to perform a photon therapy. As more and more co-infections came and Borrelia types, sticking nozoden to the abdomen became an impossible task. In addition, this nozoden were polluted by your own energy and where no longer reusable for third parties. So I connected my own resonance system to the photons and Bionic 880 and then brought the nozoden through resonance over to the body. I have developed equipment that give the vibrational frequencies of the Lyme disease in the light. For example I have developed the LTN-4 system which gives a good and positive result for people with Lyme disease.

I discovered that the amount of energy in the ampoule determines the result. Ampoules with an energy of over 65% could achieve good results. When e the energy level of an ampoule came below 65%, the result was nihil. So I realized that I would have to develop a device that the real frequencies of the Borrelia and co-infections species should radiate. These does not pollute and are always 100%. This led to the development of the LTN-4 system, which can simultaneously and endlessly transmit 80 Borrelia and co-infections frequencies. In addition, the frequencies produced by this device are disposed in the light so that the effect is also greatly amplified.

After a period of time experience showed that people with high adrenaline values caused by Borrelia couldn’t be tested and treated. Too high adrenaline levels stops all healing processes. This also causes some inaccessibility and by this high adrenaline value the client is not or difficult to test it as if the client has a wall around him or herself. The development of the BTN-2 here was a logical consequence in order for self-treatment to unblock the body of a high adrenaline (see page Self-Help). The BTN-2 device with the LTN-4 System proved to be a great combination.

In my search for the cause of the illness I came into the building biology. Why people get sick? What are the causes? From my own experience with being sick I definitely wanted to know why I had become ill, what was the cause. I became interested in the possibilities of measuring and I studied biology building in Germany. During this study, I have learned a lot about environmental factors and the impact they have on people and their health. Today I inform people about the influence of these factors on the human constitution and I recommend what action they can take against outside influences. In addition, I guide people in their Lyme self help with the above mentioned equipment.

Erik Noteboom

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