Candice’s Lyme disease experience

Candice’s Lyme disease experience

Approximately one year ago, I found the Dutch self-help group led by Erik and Tessa through a friend. I had been suffering from extreme exhaustion.

I was sometimes even too tired to get up out of bed. What’s more, for most of my life, I had suffered headaches. I took paracetemol nearly every single day. I had numerous, vague but very irritating symptoms that greatly influenced my life.

The normal medical circles offered no real answers and I was told it wouldn’t hurt to take a half dosis of anti-depressants daily. I foud this incredible, said no thank you very much and finally decided to make an appointment with Erik after hearing so many stories. He has since offered me great support as I have self-healed my organs. After the treatments, I sometimes felt worse and even more exhausted than before. The people around me were not convinced it was doing any good, but my instinct told to keep going.

It is now one year later and I am so glad I did it because I feel much better. I no longer suffer headaches and the exhaustion has been greatly reduced. I have managed to slowly scale down the treatments, but I still need check-ups now and then. I am so unbelievably thankful that I found Erik and Tessa and can easily say that they can achieve life-changing results. Dear Tessa and Erik, thank you!!